Sr. No. Electro Magnetic Kashyap – anti scale system
1 It works on fixed frequency band Works on wide range of frequency 3 -32 kHZ
2 It works on only plastic pipes It works on any pipe material
3 Effects last for 24 to 48 hours Effects last for 5 to 7 days
4 Limited effects - nears the wire only Impulse go up to 1 km
5 It has two wires one coming from the unit and one goes back to the unit it create a loop Only single wire emerge from the unit and goes to the pipe. No close loop formation
6 It works on induction It works on impulse
7 It depends on velocity of water Impulse don’t depend on velocity it works independent
8 Non consistence effect Consistence and uniform effect
9 Limited model size available Model size up to 40” Pipe Diameter & customised model can be designed